The diamond of our premium category. From the best of our fields you have the chance to feel the taste, the refreshing aroma, the color and the general consistence of one of the best olive oil’s worldwide. Is made by our total presence from the field to the bottle. No other mechanical process takes part in order to keep all those healthy characteristics, ingredients and nutrition facts on the highest level.

you will find it in dorica bottles of 250ml,500ml,750ml as also in canister of 5000ml.

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The Lefkaditis Olive Oil is an outstanding extra virgin olive oil produced always in Kastro Killinis from our and other selected fields of our area always under our supervision .

Everything is done to extract all that precious elements of the olive (fruity perfume, juicy taste, high nutritional value, gold olive color) which guarantees you a special extra virgin olive oil.

It s a fact that we passing through a difficult era. That doesn’t mean that we have to be forced to reach for valueless products out of dubious sources regarding our basic daily foods.

That’s why our goal is to offer you an outstanding origin product for a fair price.